Fifteen years ago, Sustainable Solutions emerged from coastal Vancouver, one of North America's densest, most ethnically diverse and exciting cities. Known as the greenest city in the world, Vancouver features a dense urban landscape that merges seamlessly with pristine wilderness and easy access to endless outdoor activities. The Vancouver paradigm lies in a deep-rooted interconnection between nature and urban life, creating a balanced approach to modern living. This constant quest for life balance has created balance in the design elements of our brands. Beauty is important but must be weighted with the equally important pillars of performance and sustainability.

While Sustainable Solutions’ products and values may have developed in the West, they are now showcased all across North America in projects such as Rem Koolhaas in Manhattan, Ritz Carltons in Tysons Corner, DC and Amelia Island, FLA or the multitude of Tridel projects across Ontario.  

Sustainable Solutions offers a brand portfolio that delivers on both design and performance while offering exceptional and innovative end-to-end service. Designers, developers and engineers are specifying Caroma North America, fluid and SSI products into thousands of hospitality, government and mid- to high-end and luxury condominiums. Demand is continuing to grow exponentially as Sustainable Solutions’ commitment to adaptability, sustainability and a passion for service excellence remains at the forefront of the company values.

Sustainable Solutions is the high-growth plumbing fixture manufacturer that developers, designers and builders are talking about.

Caroma® launched

Caroma introduces First
dual-flush toilet

Sustainable Solutions® launch

First large project awarded to Caroma
(Shaw Tower Vancouver - 500 Caroma Invisi)





Our History

Our Story

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SSI is a high value brand that pushes the boundaries of sustainability. SSI supplies leading edge1 gpf, a single flush performance platform at pricing that works for high density, commercial and residential projects.

fluid is a feature rich fixture line
offering an unparalleled quality/
cost ratio. Equally popular
among design, development and
sustainability communities, fluid
delivers a wow factor not reflected
in its price points.

For over 78 years Caroma designs
and innovations have guided a vision of creating performance driven,
sustainable luxury. Inventing the world’s first dual-flush toilet and continually setting the standards for flush technology has long established Caroma as a world leader in water performance technology.

Our Brands


Caroma comes to North America 
(sold in BC through Source West Sales)


Sustainable Solutions® 
International office established

Introduced first Caroma Smart 
flush (4.8/3l)

Introduction of fluid® faucets



New Caroma Invisi II introduced, wins Au. international design award

Caroma dual flush toilets and 1.5 gpm shower head supplied to first LEED Platinum project in North America - Dockside Green

Sustainable Solutions® becomes North American licensed mft/dist of Caroma®


Built first fluid® faucet factory


Introduction of SSI® branded 1 gpf single flush high performance toilet



Smart Glaze® introduction

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Customer Service

That goes above and beyond...

Designed for our customers...

A Supply Chain,

Our Company Culture

Best in Class


  • On staff engineers and designers

  • Stunning, precise finishes

  • Own/Control means of production


  • Trustworthy, adaptive & flexible

  • North American, family owned

  • Grown by word of mouth 


  • Do what we promise & solve issues

  • Top rated Customer Service

  • Committed to constant improvement


  • Thoughtful design, feature rich 

  • Driven by innovation

  • Flühs/kerox cartridges

1. Do what you promise

2. Exceed expectations

3. Be a team player

4. Act with integrity and honesty

5. Be a forever learner

6. Be better

Introduction of fluid® handcrafted sinks

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Introduced fluid branded basins and rimless toilets

Purchased new 31,000 sq. ft Distribution Centre in Ferndale, WA.


Started construction on new 140,000 square foot fluid factory

 Introduced fluid branded bidet seats